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How do clients enter their gallery and see their photos?

Copy and paste this code into your site where you wish them to login. Be sure to change YourUserName to the username given to you when setting up your gallery.

<table> <tr> <td>
<b>View Previews Online</b><br>
<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="usrpasswd" size="18" VALUE=""><br>
<INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="Login"></center> </form>
</td> </tr> </table>

This code will create a textbox where your clients can login to this area right from your shop.

If your using Microsoft Frontpage, copy and paste the code into a text editor first, such as NotePad, then copy and paste from NotePad into FrontPage.

The login will look like this:

View Previews Online

Can I link to the gallery without the need of a password?

Yes. The gallery will still have a password but it will be contained in the link itself. The link would look like this:

Replace YourUserName with the one given to you when you order your shop.

Replace Password with the clients site you wish them to enter.

Where can I find the programs that renames files sequencially?

Adobe PhotoShop will rename sequencially. See our QuickStart Video for details in the Admin Area. If you don't have Photoshop, choose from the other programs below:

AF5 for PC - Free
FileRenamer 0.98 for Mac - Free
ABetterFinderRename for Mac - $19.00

How do I get my images to my web area??

You will need an FTP (File Transfer Protocal) program that will move files that are on your computer to your server. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will provide you with the information needed.

*WSFTP for a PC
*FTP client for a Mac FTP client for a Mac

Is there a faster way to create thumbnails than doing them manually one at a time?

YES. Adobe PhotoShop has a feature under File>> Automate>> Web Gallery. See our QuickStart Video in the Admin Area on exactly how to set this up.

There is another program that will automatically do this for you if you don't have PhotoShop. AU2Thumbs at
The Pro version will also rename files sequentially.

How much server space will my images use?

The simple answer is just under 3 MBs per 100 images and 100 thumbnails or 15 MBs with 500 images and thumbnails. This takes into account that the thumbnails are 125 X 100 pixels and the full-size images are 450 X 300 pixels and are 72 dpi.

200 MBs of server space will allow you to post 500 images a week and leave them posted for 3 months before rotating them out.

PhotoPreviews offer competitive prices on web hosting to it's subscribers if so desired. Contact us for a quote.

How can I protect my images from theft? My big concern is the ability of the client to print images from those they see on-line. Of course, I don't want them to have that ability.

Your gallery images are protected with multiple layers of security to keep the honest person honest. However technology does not exist that will fully protect images from theft. Watermarking the images are an excellent deterrent and your best defence against copywrite infringements.

See "Resizing Images" in our QuickStart Video for details on the fastest way to add watermarks to your images.

I've been getting sales orders, but want to make sure on the sequence numbers seem to skip. Are some orders missing?

Everytime someone adds an item to your cart, there is a unique Sales Order number created. If they do not complete the transaction or complete it later, they will be assigned a new Sales Order number.

Order Sequence number, located on your invoice, are sequence.

When my customer pays with a credit card, how will I know it's genuine.

The shopping sytem does not know if the card has expired or that it is not over it's limit, but it does check to see if the algorithm of the card number is a valid one. If you customer mistakenly puts in the wrong number, the system will ask to reenter the card number.

If you wish to test a credit card order, you may use the number 4111111111111111, 4 and fifteen 1's, with any expiration date to complete the test order.

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